Aerial Construction

Reliable Overhead Infrastructure Solutions

Syndicate Communications delivers secure and reliable aerial network infrastructure. Our team brings expertise in ADSS design, pit-to-pole assemblies, tip load testing, and aerial fiber installations, ensuring connectivity in even the most challenging environments.

ADSS Solutions
  • Design & Installation – We design and install ADSS (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting) fiber solutions, ensuring durable overhead networks.

Essential Assemblies

  • Pit-to-Pole – ¬†Rely on our skilled assembly and installation of pit-to-pole solutions for secure aerial networks.

Safety & Performance

  • Tip Load Testing – Guarantee structural integrity and minimize potential hazards with our tip load testing services.

Maintenance & Installation

  • HFC Maintenance – Keep your existing HFC infrastructure operating smoothly with our maintenance services.
  • Aerial Fiber Expertise – Benefit from our skilled installation of aerial fiber networks for optimal data transmission.

Ready to build or expand your network infrastructure? Contact Syndicate Communications for a customized civil and aerial construction solution.