Comprehensive Infrastructure Solutions for Optimal Performance

Syndicate Communications empowers your business by delivering the robust, integrated infrastructure essential for success in today’s connected world. We offer a full spectrum of services across these core areas –

Detailed Overview of Our Services in Each Area


  • Robust networks designed, built, installed, and maintained with precision.
  • Infrastructure Design & Build – TEBA solutions, exchange power and climate control, carrier-grade installations, NBN CFC construction.
  • Network Installation & Maintenance – Precision splicing, DSLAM expertise, Telstra-approved, project management, vendor-agnostic equipment installations.
  • Mobile Site Maintenance – End-to-end site support, antenna work, tower maintenance, external network solutions.


  • Scalable, secure communications networks, including data center expertise.
  • Data Center Expertise – New construction, expansions, relocations, fiber optic specialists, blown fiber solutions.
  • Structured Cabling Excellence – Reliable UTP/STP networks, future-ready standards (Cat 5E, Cat6A, Cat7), rigorous testing and commissioning.
  • Additional Services – Tailored design, modern phone systems, network optimization, detailed audits..


  • Safe, efficient electrical systems with a focus on energy management.
  • Commercial & Industrial Expertise – Complete installations, proactive maintenance, responsive repairs.
  • Energy-Focused Solutions – Lighting control systems, Greenstar excellence, tailored energy management strategies.
  • Power System Specialists – Safe and efficient switchboards, uninterrupted power solutions, data center & exchange power systems.

Fiber Optics

  • Maximize bandwidth and reliability with precision fiber optic solutions.
  • Masterful Splicing – Fusion and ribbon splicing for seamless signal transmission.
  • Precision Testing & Commissioning – Guaranteeing optimal network performance.
  • Advanced Network Analysis – DWDM/CWDM characterization, CD & PMD analysis.
  • Installation & Supply – Expert cable hauling & blowing, comprehensive supply solutions.

Civil Construction

  • Expert groundwork using a range of specialized techniques.
  • Precision Drilling – Diverse capabilities for various soil and rock conditions.
  • Pit and Pipe Expertise – New builds, upgrades, attention to detail.
  • Efficient Cable Deployment – Cable hauling, location services, non-destructive solutions.

Aerial Construction

  • Secure and reliable overhead solutions for challenging environments.
  • ADSS Solutions – Design and installation of durable overhead networks.
  • Essential Assemblies – Skilled pit-to-pole solutions for secure aerial networks.
  • Safety & Performance – Tip load testing, HFC maintenance, aerial fiber expertise.

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